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Our Partnership in Care

Referring Physician Testimonials

In order to provide the best care which requires the expertise and knowledge of a pediatric subspecialist, we want to ensure that the primary care physician and our specialists have a collaborative relationship. This collaborative relationship supports the primary medical home, provides timely access to specialists within the continuum of care, and maintains an environment of open dialogue and communication between all physicians caring for your child.

Again, because GPS considers our referring physicians, as our customers, we also give them the opportunity to provide feedback on a regular basis. Read more to see what the pediatricians say about the physicians of Georgia Pediatric Subspecialists.

“Always excellent care…”

“Fast, efficient, excellent service.”

“I have been very pleased.”

“Very satisfied overall. Patients report back to me a very high satisfaction level.”

“Excellent care provided to my patients.”

“They are at the top of my list for patient referrals.”

“They are my first choice.”

“Keep up the great work.”

“Very responsive with both routine and urgent matters.”

“I am pleased with the level of communication about my patients.”

“I feel that your doctors are excellent.”